Is your sex life out of balance? Do you have difficulty becoming intimate with a new partner, or, if you are in a long-term relationship, has sex become dutiful, mechanical or non-existent. Are you sometimes uncertain what is appropriate or perhaps even ‘normal’, and wonder whether you or your partner is ‘right’? Have you ever wondered where your sexual preferences come from, and whether you are able to modify them to fit with those of your partner. And why does sexual desire sometimes disappear altogether, and is it possible to revive it?

Take stock, become aware, realize your potential to find new and deeper intimacy through sex. Take the test.


The report is surprisingly detailed. I shared it with my wife.
– Richard B.


Lucidity is the ability to see things as they really are, to make sense of all aspects of our life, and to cultivate real and lasting contentment on all levels. How might that help with your sex life? Many of us are confused about problems in our sex lives. We may believe that our urges are beyond our control or understanding, and this is not helped by the taboo against speaking candidly about sexual matters. Many couples exaggerate the frequency with which they have sex because they don’t want to be thought to have ‘given up’ in this arena. Through careful questions and answers, the LQ Test®: Sexuality teases out the intricacies of the expectations, beliefs and emotions that surround your own sexual space. The resulting report details problems and solutions without judgement, and in absolute privacy.

The aim is not to put you in a box or to label you but to create in you a new awareness of the underlying patterns or hitherto unconscious conditionings that surface as sexual dysfunction, conflict or discontent. It offers advice on the direction you might take in order to break the cycle, which is without doubt a clear possibility in the vast majority of cases. A deep, intimate and trusting sex life is fundamental to any adult relationship and maintaining it brings manifold rewards. Repairing this most personal and perhaps hidden part of your life, making contact with your partner at the deepest level, begins with Lucidity.

It’s like talking to a sex therapist without the embarrassment.
– Linda S.


The LQ Test®: Sexuality is made up of about 40 questions. For each question, you will be given a selection of answers and asked to choose the one that most closely reflects your thoughts, feelings and usual reactions. You can take the test online, and you can stop and start it as often as you wish without losing your earlier responses.

You will receive a fascinating personal report of about 30 pages, which offers detailed insights into the existing psychological tensions and conflicts in your most intimate sexual space, along with advice tailored to you and your specific situation. Your results will also be represented graphically in a chart depicting the varying levels of the four Lucidity qualities in your sex life. The report will create a new awareness of the dynamics of your intimate relationship, enabling you to set out on the path to new equilibrium and contentment.


For this LQ Test®, we are also offering a special ‘lite’ version. This is how it works: take the lite test for free and get your personal Lucidity profile. This consists of an evaluation of your answers in relation to the four qualities of Lucidity. At any time you have the opportunity to unlock the overall result and detailed report from your LQ Test®: Sexuality without having to retake the test.


  • A beautiful report mailed to you as a pdf, for you to read and keep for future reference
  • Extensive written feedback on your answers (standard LQ Test®: Sexuality only)
  • Your four qualities results depicted in an at-a-glance format
  • An indication of your current LQ for your sex life and notes on how you can improve it (standard LQ Test®: Sexuality only)
  • Clear advice on improving your potential for igniting or re-igniting an intimate and satisfying sex life
  • As with all the LQ tests, the LQ Test®: Sexuality has been compiled in such a way as to include both heterosexual and LGBT respondents
  • We respect your privacy. Your personal information, test responses and test results will never be shared with anyone without your express permission. Check our privacy statement for further details.


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