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Enable your athletes to make the most of their potential.
Recognise, diagnose and neutralize psychological obstacles.
Teach effective mental skills.
Improve training outcomes.
Reduce the risk of injury.
Create meaningful psychological interventions.
Track mental progress alongside the physical and the technical.

    Online professional course, 40 hours. Tutor support throughout. 


    MODULE 1: Teaching psychological basics

    Introduction to Lucidity. Concepts of personality, thoughts, emotions, identification, the conscious and unconscious mind. Accompanied by teaching notes and materials for athletes.

    MODULE 2: Tools for athletes

    Practical skills for athletes, including the most important techniques for mental training: mental choreography, creating space in the mind, self-observation and energy management.

    MODULE 3: Reading your athlete’s mental abilities

    How to use the concepts behind the qualities of Lucidity to pinpoint psychological obstacles and issues and design interventions.

    MODULE 4: Lucidity and the coach

    This module focusses on the relationship between coach and athlete, looking in particular at communication techniques, and analysing and understanding the athlete’s inner world.

    MODULE 5: Managing the coaching process

    The Lucidity coaching programme, including agendas and materials for meetings, access to and use of the LQ Test® and the LQ Profiler®. This unit also contains an outline of the requirements for certification as a Lucidity Coach.


    Mental coaching with Lucidity is a rich and comprehensive course for professional coaches seeking to integrate mental coaching into their existing work. It works on two levels: the first is conveying to the coach new insights into the psychology of both athlete and coach, and imparting new practices, tools and skills; the second is giving the coach the skills and materials to first teach the athlete and then follow him/her through training and competition utilising a network of meetings and managed conversations and with the help of the LQ Test®: Sport and the LQ Profiler®.

    At the end of the course the Lucidity coach will be able to demonstrate:

    • an understanding of the psychological basics of Lucidity and the related skills, and the ability to communicate them to the athlete;
    • the ability to equip the athlete with psychological tools aimed at mental clarity and self-insight, teaching breath control and consciousness-switching and helping him/her maintain a mental hygeine programme;
    • the ability to use the techniques taught during the course to foster a close and trusting relationship with the athlete, to accurately identify his/her inner tensions and to supply, monitor and assess suitable interventions and training activities using the online tools made available.


    Coaches who choose to aim for certification will be asked to carry out a project with a single athlete and to write a short report on his/her experiences. The project will be assessed by a panel of examiners including a senior sports coach, a qualified Lucidity coach and your personal tutor. Certification is evidence of the coach’s in-depth knowledge of the Lucidity programme of sports mental coaching and certified coaches are added to a directory available to individual athletes and teams looking for a qualified mental coach.


    Simply click Register Now and you will be taken to the checkout. When your order is completed, you will receive an email containing joining instructions. You will have immediate access to the first unit of the course and each module will be made available as you progress, so that you can work at a speed that suits you. You will need to set aside about 10 hours per module. Your tutor will be checking in with you periodically for the duration of your course to answer questions and give advice. You can also contact your tutor by private message through the course interface. After the end of the course, you will continue to be able to access the material and your coursework for a further six months, during which time, you will, if you opt for certification, be carrying out your practical project. If you have any questions about the course, please email for advice.  


    • 40 hours of teaching material; with exercises this is roughly equivalent to a 2-semester tertiary course
    • 29+ units of intensive teaching in the form of articles, audio and video recordings and exercises
    • 9 videos of Dirk de Sousa in conversation
    • 7 high-quality audio recordings
    • Ready-to-go teaching materials, including 16 factsheets for athletes, and instructions for 40 exercises with associated teaching notes
    • Online access to the Lucidity Profiler and tests for all your athletes
    • Access the material wherever you want – at home, in the office or on the move, on your computer, tablet or smartphone
    • Online personal tutoring from day 1.


    • This online course does not require you to download or install any program.
    • You can use any internet-enabled device: e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.
    • The course consists of articles, diagrams, videos and audio files. We recommend you use headphones when listening to the audio.


    • Completes your professional profile
    • Teaches psychological basics
    • Provides teaching materials including audio, video, factsheets and worksheets for use online or in person
    • Offers notes for group discussions, individual conversations and formal meetings
    • Covers practical mental training, including breathing control, mental choreography and clearing the mind
    • Gives detailed guidance on ‘diagnosing’ psychological issues and creating effective interventions
    • Provides access to the unique LQ athlete management programme and free use of the LQ athlete assessment test
    • Offers ongoing membership of the LQ coaching community.

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