Practitioner training and certification, for therapists and consultants interested in integrating Lucidity into their practice. Background, methods, practice; using the LQ Test®.

Level V, practitioner. Classroom training, 4 weekends. With Dirk de Sousa.

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We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them
– Albert Einstein



The process of guiding and healing with Lucidity. Practitioner & client: agreement, relationships, roles, communication, commitment and connection.



Taking stock. Comprehending the client, creating a Lucidity Profile. Explanation and the use of the LQ Test® & the LQ Profiler®.



Being the pathfinder. How to create the most effective interventions, how to review and how to screen them. Available resources.



Growing together in the light of Lucidity. Case-studies and scenarios. Examples and exercises. Preparation for the case-study work required for certification.

Lucidity is the next step in psychological coaching. Using the LQ Test®, we can make an objective picture of a person’s real contentment, their psychological clarity, their capacity for self-reflection and their psychological maturity. Lucidity is objectively measurable, logical, rational and accessible for everyone, and therefore it is possible for us as practitioners to take stock in a neutral way without any judgement.

In addition, Lucidity gives us access to tools that enable people to take responsibility for their own contentment and wellbeing. Quick step-by-step success and detectable, measurable improvement provides encouragement and ever-increasing self-confidence. This four-weekend intensive training course is open only to coaches or therapists who have already completed levels 1-4. The reason for this is clear. In order to work with people the lucid way you can only go as far as you have gone yourself. As Mahatma Ghandi wrote: “We must become the change we want to see in the world.”

During this training course, you will learn more about the background of Lucidity, its methods and applications. You will see how the various LQ tests can be used as tools before a series of sessions to give direction and afterwards to assess outcomes. In addition, you will have the opportunity to practise conveying the concepts behind Lucidity with clarity, choosing from and using a wide array of exercises, and answering questions with confidence.

Certification is offered on completion by the practitioner of a case study in the months following the taught section of the course.


Dirk de Sousa, psychological counsellor, coach and author

As an original voice in modern psychology, the bestselling author unlocks personal insight and self-knowledge, guiding you in the search for an end to psychological suffering, for emotional resilience and contentment in all spheres of life. For decades, de Sousa has worked successfully as therapist, coach and consultant, numbering among his clients many well-known names in politics, the media and international business. He has also guided athletes and coaches at both national, international and Olympic level, and provided counselling to couples and to parents of children in crisis. In his first book, The Self Beyond Myself, de Sousa argued that the first step to contentment is to gain real insight into our own inner self with the right form of self-reflection. The capacity for this insight, which also includes the ability to recognize what we encounter within, enables us to fully understand ourselves and then to realize our full potential.


He terms this capacity, ‘Lucidity’.  In his most recent work, de Sousa breaks down Lucidity into four qualities – contentment, mental clarity, self-reflection and mental maturity – and shows how it can be objectively measured and improved, leading to a greater degree of mental freedom, inner unity, and real and enduring contentment.

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes
also a matter of opportunity.

– Hippocrates


4 weekends, Saturday to Sunday, at 3-week intervals. Refreshments and vegetarian lunch provided. Participants are responsible for their own transport to and from the venue, although car-sharing can be arranged. Click register for further information.


Completion of Levels I-IV. We ask that participants also complete the LQ Test® immediately prior to the start of the course.


  • Take your practice to the next level by integrating Lucidity into your counselling or coaching practice
  • Learn to administer the LQ tests in the right situations
  • Create a programme for your clients based on the results of the test
  • Make contact with like-minded professionals, sharing experiences and issues
  • Convert your personal knowledge and practice of Lucidity into a powerful solution for your clients’ issues

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