A unique tool for measuring and understanding your personal Lucidity Profile. Take the comprehensive and illuminating LQ Test® for an overall view, or select one of the areas of special interest: your work, relationships or sexuality. Receive your personal 30-page illustrated report containing your Lucidity Quotient®, test results and advice.


How happy are you in your work? Have you found success but not contentment? Do you often cross swords with colleagues or clients? What’s stopping you making clear and right decisions? Identify your professional possibilities and make them a reality. Take the test.


How is your relationship? Jealousy, fear of loss, dependency or habit? What is a ‘healthy’ love and a ‘real’ relationship? How can you solve relationship problems? How can you find the right balance of respect, compassion and partnership. Take stock, become aware. Take the test.


How is your sex life? Healthy sexuality, obsession or dependence? Does your partner have expectations that put you under pressure? Create a harmonious balance with your partner. Discover love-making as communication. Take the test.


Get the big picture. This major new test offers an all-round view of your life, your world. It pinpoints for you areas of conflict and tension, creating a detailed profile that is absolutely unique to you. With your new insight it is possible to make better decisions, realize your potential and achieve real contentment. Take the test.

The LQ Test is a powerful and unique catalyst for change.
– Dirk de Sousa

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