The LQ team

Lucidity AG would like to thank the following for their hard work and commitment to the LQ Project:

Design team & website construction: Agentur Farbenkollektiv, Cologne, Germany
Daniel Paar, Carla Stirnatis, Kim Hirtz and Johannes Pohlmeyer

Content and educational consultant: Louise Bostock

Illustrations: Carla Stirnatis

Programming: Thomas Baustert, Hamburg, Germany

German-language editor: Sandra Schuster-Böckler

Online learning interface: How to Moodle, Telford, UK

Videography: Agentur Medienknechte & Vorsprung Media, Berlin, Germany
Mathias Zellin and Stefan Walkowiak

Book jacket design: Cobalt ID, Norfolk, UK
Paul Reid

GDPR consultant: Conformitas Consulting Ltd, UK
Catharine Brode.

Friends of the LQ project

Dirk de Sousa would personally like to thank the following. Without their support, this project would never have seen the light of day:

Stefanie Marksteiner, Tanja & Kai Polysius, Lara Luz (Hotel Colmegna), Pepe Regazzi, Laura Rullo & Matteo Fantuzzi (Teatro del Gatto, Ascona), Silvia Rieble, Paolo Calini, Henk Knaupe (Agentur Ressourcenreich, Hamburg, Martin Wöbbeking (Radio Hannover, Hanover), Carmen Middendorf, Ralf Storandt, Patrizia Ferrise, Sandra de Sousa, Nino Rovati, Sebastian Reiter, Carlo Pelloni, Tatjana Roth, Gisela Hartmann, Chiara Tassi (Bibliotheka San Nazzaro), Frank Weinberg.

Picture credits

iStock: Aleksandar Nakic, Aris Su, Cecilie Arcurs, Champlifezy, Coffee and Milk, Eclipse Images, Frances Coch, Laflor, Nadofotos, Pat Pitchaya, Primi Pil, Sam Edwards. Pexels: Bruce Mars, Skitterphoto. Pixabay: Kaboom Pics, Qimono. Unsplash: Andrew Montgomery, Andy Beales, Brian Patrick Tagalog, Brooke Cagle, Bruce Mars, Bryan Minear, Craig Whitehead, Emile Seguin, Emily Reider, Faye Cornish, Florian Klauer, Isaac Davis, Jazmin Quaynor, Kelly Sikkema, Kinga Cichewicz, Lane Jackman, Manu Schwendener, Marc Sendra Martorell, Marcus Wallis, Mike Wilson, Morvanic Lee, Nigel Tadyanehondo, Steve Johnson, Teddy Kelley, Wim Arzs.

Other photos by: Marco Gabbani, Cannobio; Pepe Regazzi; Frank Weinberg.

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