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Lucidity is the ability to recognise the psychological events that take place in your mind, to experience and understand them without being controlled by them. It is the ability to assess situations in your world with a mind unclouded by conditioned emotions, automatic thoughts and interpretations.

Lucidity creates the foundation for the optimal mental and physical development of athletes, improving training outcomes, reducing the risk of injury and enabling them to realize their full potential.

Lucidity empowers athletes to find a sense of mental maturity and responsibility, leading them to make the best possible decisions during competitions, in training, in their careers and in their private lives.

The extent of an athlete’s Lucidity in terms of competitive sports can be mapped and measured with the help of the LQ Test®. The LQ Profiler® is a powerful tool enabling coaches to target training on both mental and physical levels, making the work needed to develop the athlete’s potential most effective.


What sets the multiple gold medallist apart from the eternal 4th? Why does one athlete achieve sporting immortality while another gives up, crushed, even though there seems to be nothing to choose between them in talent and technique? Why, despite all prophecies of doom, did Roger Federer stay at the top of his game for so long, despite his age as a tennis player, and why doesn’t the world’s best golfer, Tiger Woods, hit a hole today?

For the 21st-century athlete, training is a question of ever more precise physical and technical development, and with the dissemination of instruction online, it is possible for many more aspiring adolescent athletes to make the grade than in the past. So much so, in fact, that the purely physical skills of the professional athlete have become almost a given, and they now take second place to other factors in the search for real and sustainable sporting success. The essential foundation of every professional athlete rests on three equal pillars: the physical, the technical and the psychological.

…the best route to excellence and success…

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